Dan Carbon graphite electrode production monitoring equipment

By:Win Nov 16, 2020

The entire production process is under timely online control to ensure the quality stability.
•Raw materials can be accepted and used only after passed  sampling and testing.
•data and information automatically collected, analyzed for technicians' judgement.
•inspection data from each process of the semi-finished products are electronically gathered by information platform and analyzed online.
•testing equipment is hevily invested and put into use, inluding:
the viscocity analyzer for asphalt,
the tap density meter for needle coke
the particle laser analyzer for grain analysis
the universal tool microscope for machining tools and  measuring instrument examination
the ring gauges and plug gauges for machining inspection
•The data of the finished size and physical and chemical properties of each electrode and pin delivered to clients are recorded and saved in the database to male each product traceable.