Russia and Ukraine conflict, graphite electrode price trend

By:Win Feb 28, 2022
Use of graphite electrodes in steel making
The price of crude oil rose 9% to more than $100 a barrel as commodity prices rose amid the conflict in Russia and Ukraine. Needle coke, the raw material for graphite electrodes, is refined from crude oil, so the price of needle coke also rose.
1. Needle coke price
The imported needle coke used for graphite electrodes costs $2,300 / ton. The needle coke used for carbon electrodes sells for $1,800/ton.
2. Graphite electrode price
Due to the rising price of raw material for needle coke, China's graphite electrode has increased by $300~$800/ton, and the market price of UHP600mm graphite electrode is $4000~$4800/ton.
3. Needle coke price trend
It is expected that from March to June, the price of needle coke will increase obviously, and the increase is expected to be $300~$1000/ton. The export price of Chinese needle coke is expected to reach $2000-$3000/ton.