Specification for use of graphite electrodes

By:Alex Oct 28, 2021
Welcome to use graphite electrode, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Please read the electrode manual carefully to help you use correctly.
The appearance of graphite electrodes is very simple: rod and nipple. But the machining accuracy is very high, because they are used end to end through nipples.
Graphite electrodes structure drawing
Graphite electrodes structure drawing

Graphite electrodes uses:

Attention when using graphite electrode:
Graphite electrodes uses
1. When loading the EAF with materials, to reduce the hit on the electrodes when the materials collapses, the bulk materials should be placed close to the bottom of the EAF, and be careful not to use lime or other non-conductive objects to accumulate directly under the electrode, affecting energizing or breaking the electrodes.

2. Pay attention to the position of the EAF cover. If the cover is offset, when the electrode rises or falls, it will touch the EAF cover, and will damage or even break the electrode.

3. A group of assembled electrode column cannot be placed horizontally, to avoid breaking.

4. When assembling the electrodes, if the nipple plug is found to fall off, the plug must be completed before the connection.

5. After the electrode is assembled, the reason must be found out if there is a gap, can be used after the eliminating the gap.

6. The electrodes should be used vertically, avoid tilting.

7. The correct connection position of the electrode and connector. (Picture 1)

8. The position of the electrode holder (Picture 2) is required to be clamped outside the warning line of the top electrode.
Graphite electrodes uses
Note: The holder cannot be clamped in the warning line, nor can it be clamped on the middle electrode, otherwise it will cause the electrode to break.